This is what makes the perfect flatmate, according to Brits

And it’s not all about being fun and social.

If you were to describe the qualities of your perfect housemate, what would you say? A great conversationalist or uber tidy? Or is it of paramount importance for them to be a quiet door-shutter?

A study by discovered that 37 per cent of house sharers would like to live with a non-smoker. And 61 per cent would rather not live with their best friends for fear of falling out. Actually, more than one in five (22 per cent) would prefer to share with strangers.

Some 44 per cent think that keeping the kitchen sink clean and empty is important to stop any arguments, while 20 per cent believe it’s necessary to hand out bathroom cleaning duties.

With one in four households in Britain expected to be privately rented by 2021, finding a suitable housemate, where applicable, is key. teamed up with psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to launch an interactive quiz to help you find the ideal housemate.

Read below for some flatmate facts revealed by the study…

  • 43 per cent of Brits would stay in their bedrooms to avoid having to interact with a housemate28 per cent feel most frustrated when people eat food that is not their own16 per cent get annoyed when flatmates have friends and family staying for a long period of time without paying extra rent38 per cent believe the ideal house share is made up of four people42 per cent think an equal split between male and female is best88 per cent admit to not creating a shared bank account with flatmates.

  • ‘Living harmoniously with other people is not always easy,’ Honey Langcaster-James said. ‘It’s always a chore when you have to clean up after yourself, let alone after others, so finding people to live with who are considerate and do their fair share of the household cleaning is vital if you want to ensure you’ll all get along.

  • ‘Finance is another huge factor when it comes to a happy household and it’s important to ensure you have a strategy in place for working bills out easily to avoid tension or resentment.

  • ‘When people are looking for housemates, they often think that finding someone who is fun, sociable, and who shares certain interests are important, but the research shows this is not actually the best strategy.

  • ‘If you want to achieve a harmonious household, you need to look deeper than these superficial traits in order to discover whether you’ll actually be able to live together.’

To visit the Perfect Flatmate hub and take the quiz, see

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