The professionals guide to finding a house share

Increasing numbers of professionals are taking to renting a room in a shared house or flat with like-minded young professionals. It lets them live closer to their place of work and reduce rent costs.

So how do you find the best house or flat share for you? There is no magic formula, but three simple and effective steps can be the difference between a flat or house share made in heaven or a spare room in hell.

1. Get ready, get set, get prepped…

Deposit ready: The market moves fast, with the best flats being snapped up in days. It’s important to ensure a deposit and months’ rent in arrears are already saved, as it could mean securing the perfect room ahead of other competition.Know your locations: List the areas which offer a smooth commute, which should be done well before the search is commenced.

Talk to friends: It seems like a no brainer, but before searching it’s always a great idea to make a list of friends who may be looking to move home. Pairing up with a friend will not only make the search easier, but will make your life in a flat share ten times better.

2. Look smart, not hard…

Social media: There’s no harm using Facebook to search or spread the word that you’re looking for a room to rent.

HouseMates is a great place to be in a good position of choice with the best rooms available to rent amongst other professionals looking to flat/house share.

3. Get talking…

Ask questions: Don’t delay, when you find a room that ticks all the boxes, be quick to send a message to the flatmates or landlord of interest. It’s important to ask questions, which the advert for the room may not have clarified.

Talk to the other flatmates: find out additional information such as how and when the bills are paid and how chores are split. No one has time to waste, so talking through concerns and questions beforehand will help you save time and money.

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