House Share Hacks: How To Draw Up A Housework Rota

One of the biggest bones of contention in any house share is the cleaning and maintenance of it.

There’s no question that whilst house sharing, we have encountered a lot of different types of housemate, so how do you make sure you all pool together to have a clean and tidy home?

One of the simplest and effective ways to achieve this is to put together a rota. However, this can be a political hot potato in a house when trying to incorporate it into each other’s routines.

Here at Room Buddies we want you to have the best house share experience possible, so to help out we have put together these tips to draw up a perfect housework rota. So, call a house meeting and discuss the following things.

Decide on Rooms

The first thing to consider between you and the rest of your house is which rooms you are going to class as communal. Traditionally this would be the kitchen, living room and Bathroom.

As well as this, there might be other rooms (aside of bedrooms) such as a conservatory in which only one of the housemates spends a lot of time, so navigate whether you should all muck in for every room, or distinctly assign each person a room to deal with on the rota.

Regularity of rota

The next issue to overcome before committing to a rota is deciding the regularity in which you will carry out the housework.

This might vary because of the regularity of the room in question, or the availability of each housemate.

A simple approach is to either find a day in which you are all free (Sunday is most common) or if this doesn’t work, a separate day for each housemate.

If part of your rota is to do the washing up, perhaps it will be a daily thing instead of a weekly one.

Tasks vs Rooms

As touched on above, some tasks within certain rooms may need more attention than others, the obvious being washing dishes.

Tasks that you feel need more attention than a weekly rota could exist on a smaller rota. So, you could have a daily rota in which someone different tackles the dishes.

Equally, particularly grubby things like taking out the bins which might occur a couple times of week could be scheduled on rotation, as it is jobs like this which can quickly frustrate people if left to one person regularly.

Consider Lifestyle

Before you fully commit, it is worth considering each other’s routines. It will be tricky to commit to a Sunday cleaning day if half of your house work weekends.

If this is the case, perhaps assign individual tasks within certain rooms to break it up and make the whole rota digestible. This way each of you can do housework when it best fits with you.

How Does Everyone Work?

Let’s face it, some of us are happy to clean as and when it’s needed, while others only find the time when it suits.

The whole point of a rota is to find the most efficient way to carry out house work whilst making it best for everyone, but if you are making it difficult for some, you’re probably going to end up doing more harm than good.

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