Jeremy loves his business and is still as passionate about it now as he was when he first set up over 30 years ago. Jeremy is in charge of business development and thinking up fresh new ideas for us here at HouseMates to implement. 

Outside of the office, Jeremy has a busy life with 3 teenagers - but he always makes time for a pint of ale at his local on a Friday, early doors.


Jeremy Brown

Megan began as an Apprentice at HouseMates in 2016. We decided that she was too good to let go and we kept her! She is now our Property & Lettings Manager and a blummin' good one she is too! You will see a lot of Megan as a HouseMate as she is in and out of the houses all the time doing her thing!

In Meg's spare time she enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs and loves photography. Megan is also the resident Photographer at HouseMates. She is a jack of all trades and brilliant at all!

Property & Lettings Manager

Megan Morgan


Renee joined the team in the summer of 2018 and is in change of all things money. You can hear Renee shouting quite a lot!! 

Orginally from down south, Renee moved to Macclesfield a while ago and enjoys spending time with her grand-kids. Renee is a fitness freak so can be seen running around Macclesfield often. Despite her obsession with fitness, she loves a glass of wine and is also guilty of bringing far too many biscuits into the office......

Credit Control

Renee Marker


Phil is our "fix-it bloke" - nothing is too much of a challenge for our Phil. Phil has a car full of bulbs, pipes, tools and wood and is on-call 24/7 to deal with any emergencies or repairs that need carrying out at any of our 22 houses.

Phil is a busy Dad at home but he always makes time for his music, with a particular love of going to see live bands. 


Phil Heathcote

What would we do without Gill?? Gill and her team of cleaners are responsible for the upkeep of all the communal areas across our entire portfolio. A complete perfectionist to the end, Gill ensures that she leaves every house sparkling clean each week. 

Gill is rarely seen without her dog, Precious. Gill and Precious enjoy early doors at the local on a Friday and little breaks away as often as they can.

Head of Domestic 

Gill Georges

Martin is a whirlwind! A social butterfly of the highest order! Martin is responsible for all of our tenants well being. He organises amazing social events to bring tenants from all houses together and ensures that any issues or problems that anyone has are escalated and dealt with quickly, Martin is employed by us but he works for the tenants.

Martin has 2 beautiful Springer Spaniels and 2 chickens! (random!!) and he loves spending time with them all in his spare time. Martin loves long country walks and camping and is a keen cook.

Tenant Liaison Manager

Martin Handley

Mike is our IT expert and has been pushing “bits and bytes” from an early age. He began his working life in the computer games industry writing code for such computers as the ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga.


On leaving the the computer games industry in 1998 Mike began creating websites and has been involved in the creation of over 2,100 websites for prestigious clients such as BNFL, Astra Zeneca, Disney, Abbey National and many more. He has also been providing computer support for many businesses in the North West over the past 22 years and Mike now provides computing, network and WIFI support for Housemates.

IT Manager

Mike Porter

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